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ReNee is part of a global network of corporate consultants trained by Dr. Joe Dispenza, New York Times best-selling author, lecturer, and researcher, to teach organizations how to apply the neuroscience of change to create conscious leadership, increase employee engagement, collaboration, creativity, productivity, and ultimately - impactful and real results.

As a certified NeuroChangeSolutions consultant, ReNee facilitates on-site workshops, virtually or a combination of in-person and online training and also hosts destination group retreats. She educates businesses, individual business owners and entrepreneurs on Dr. Joe Dispenza's method of creating change in organizations 'from the inside out'.

In order to create sustainable change, it all begins within each of us.

NCS consultants have worked with teams at Cisco, Sony, Coca-Cola, IBM, Johnson & Johnson, USAID, Rackspace, Microsoft, Pfizer, Heineken, and many more. To learn more about NCS offerings, email ReNee.