Rise and Shine Retreats

Get ready to have the most transformational year yet.

Customized Corporate Retreats to meet your needs and budget. It's time to get your team together. Let's set up an intake meeting to learn more about you, your team, and your budget. We will take it from there!

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Rise and Shine Retreats

Reward your team.

Improve cohesiveness and culture. Include your entire team so everyone can benefit. Let us handle the details.

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Let's get out of the office

What is a Rise and Shine Retreat?

A Rise and Shine Retreat is whatever you need it to be. It includes an itinerary, fully customized content, accommodations, and onsite planning. We take care of all the fine details. From start to finish, we plan your offsite event for you. Venue, accommodations, food, activities, awards or swag - you tell us your vision and we'll make it happen.

Company retreat locations and ideas on accommodations, itinerary, activities are not easy to come by. Let us take the work out of it for you.

"You gotta problem? Yo, we'll solve it! Check out the mic while the DJ revolves it".

It's a Rise and Shine Retreat for:


The team members not only share expectations for accomplishing group tasks, but trust and support one another and respect one another's individual differences.

Work/Growth Sessions

Curated Activities

Leadership Content

Creating a Conscious Wellness Culture

Through understanding the importance of a healthy lifestyle that includes mindfulness, stress management, healthy eating and self care in the corporate environment, we can create a culture of creativity, collaboration and focus toward our collective goals. When individuals feel energetic and balanced, they can show up to work and personal life as the best version of themselves.

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Strategic/Growth Planning Session

Before the retreat, we meet with your team and have them complete a questionnaire. We combine the results and confirm what content will be discussed in your growth/strategy session. Then it is time to meet with your leadership point of contact and discuss our planned itinerary. This will ensure that team and company values and your budget align. We will discuss what you want each attendee to walk away with at the end of our time together.

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Onsite Execution

We take care of all the details - before, during and after the retreat.

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Post Retreat Accountability

Notes are taken during the sessions and takeaways are combined. We will meet with your leadership team and devise a plan to implement the ideas that were cultivated at the retreat. We also help to hold the stakeholders accountable for implementing the action items. This is the real method to our madness! How many times do you have a meeting but don't have the accountability that is needed? Post-retreat meetings are held virtually and agreed upon with the decision makers before the end of the retreat.

Content Marketing

Onsite Content and Leadership Package Only

You have the venue and accommodations. No problem. We'll bring the content - and the fun!

Meet Your Hosts.

ReNee Greenberg and Kari Dunn are two midwestern cousins with a mission to elevate women to find their highest potential and path to true health and happiness. They have found success in discovering steps toward their own life visions and also using these tools in their own businesses to transform the lives of thousands of women. It is their mission to impact their clients in a retreat setting to break away from limiting beliefs, be courageous, and create a vision for their future.

ReNee Greenberg

ReNee Greenberg


ReNee is the founder of Women's Hormone Health and works with women in virtually or in her San Diego clinic. With 30+ years in the healthcare field, she has spent the last 20 years integrating Western Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Functional Medicine

Kari Dunn

Kari Dunn


Kari has 20+ years of experience in Business Management and as a Financial Advisor working with hundreds of business owners throughout the country. Kari is also a Breakthrough Business Coach with a mission to help others connect their true passions to their everyday lives.

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Our Detroit Lakes MN Corporate Retreat Gallery.

Such a beautiful location for a productive retreat.

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Our San Diego Retreat Gallery.

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